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“25 Secrets To Having The Life You Want
• These are simple, though not necessarily easy, to learn.
• You will accomplish much more much more easily if you take the time to first strengthen your personal foundation.
• Come to see how perfect your life is today, even if it doesn’t look or feel that way.
• Proactively choose the type of energy that you want to use during your life.
• Decide that you want to learn, continuously and forever. Then choose to learn how to learn.
• Reorient your life around the gifts you have, no matter what they are.
• Put your integrity first, your needs second and your wants third.
• Let yourself have it all, even if it feels like too much.
• Before you create a future, resolve the past and perfect the present.
• For an effortless life, get more than you need and far more than you deserve.
• Invest 10% of your time to maximize the other 90%.
• Set your goals based on your values, not on coulds, woulds, wills or shoulds.
• Start on your path to financial independence even if it doesn’t seem realistic.
• Stop trying to change your behavior, instead, start shifting and evolving.
• Triple your personal boundaries until your heart and spirit have room they need.
• Stop hanging around people who have less to lose than you do.
• Stop waiting for anything. Instead, initiate 100% of the time.”
• Solve your problems, even if you didn’t cause them.
• Build a community of people who bring out your best without trying to.” —-Thomas Leonard, Coach University


• What does your heart really want?
• What is right for you?
• What is right work for you?
• What is your right living location?
• What is right relationship for you?
• What is your right life path?


Is your heart into what you are choosing for yourself? It is time to choose wisely. If not, it could be a false start and a waste of your precious time, resources and energy.
Additionally, it is time to release any resistance, especially your resistance to the changes taking place in your life. In other words, choose your battles wisely. Hang loose on any judgments to what is happening. You may not yet have a full understanding of the events unfolding. What seems to be negative on the surface could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. For instance, the new lover to whom you were ready to give your body, mind and soul reveals that he is married. This can feel negative and painful at first, but in the end, you are being protected from a dishonorable person.

 There will be plenty of empowerment tools in the homework and exercise sections. The intention is to empower you and your new life. Hope and a dream can take you there. Let’s get started and have some fun!

 Here we find ourselves at the end of a situation, a relationship, a job lay-off, a business closing, and so on. We can feel as if we are operating in crisis mode and things around us seem to be falling apart. In truth, we are in completion and ending. These events are not always graceful. Go easy on yourself if you feel less than a Self-master and feel more like a lost soul. Take comfort, you are not alone. Everyone is experiencing these life-changing events.

 This experience is like a death of sorts. Each of us has our own timetable for this process. We do not want to rush the process of breakdown and we do not want to stay too long in grief or the void.

People and organizations that deal well with change are prepared for the inevitable emotional stages of the process. In her seminal research on grief and death, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross chronicled six recognizable stages denial, an¬ger, bargaining, depression, acceptance and hope.

These stages seem most likely to manifest when 1) change is externally imposed and 2) something of value is being lost or given up because of the change. During the breakdown phase, we may find ourselves in denial, depression and then moving onto hope and acceptance. We can jump around quite a bit in the first few months of our endings, e.g., we feel acceptance then flip into denial and hope, then reverse into anger.

Each one of us will process in our own unique way. For instance, you may find your process takes you from denial to anger to acceptance only to find yourself back in anger. There are no short cuts to our growth. Please be patient with your process and allow your life to unfold naturally.


You Can Breakthrough to a New Life of Your Design.


Brilliant Breakthroughs


Breakdown to Breakthrough Process


You Can Move from fear to freedom.
Love can conquer fear.


Take Your Life to the Top!


Using the Power of Astrology and Coaching to facilitate you into:


• Empower Your Right Relationships
• Empower Your Right Livelihood
• Empower Your Financial Independence
• Empower Your Health, Well-Being and Vitality
• Empower Your Spiritual Life-Path

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