Kelley Rosano offers astrological intuitive consultations.  The best astrology services start with your natal birth astrology. This is your personal astrology. It is a snapshot picture taken of the universe at the moment of your birth. Personal Astrology provides important insights about you and your life path destiny. This is why knowing your astrology can give you the edge. Knowledge is power. It will empower you. Be on your right path. Moving in the right direction. No need for stress for you are thriving with your divine timing.  Timing is everything. There are moments in the consultation where Source may share something with Kelley that is helpful to you. And those messages will be added to your consultation.

Your transits are used to tell Kelley what is going on with you today and in the future. Kelley likes to take your transits out two years into your future. This is done for every consultation. This is your Life Cycle Astrology. We can also explore Relationship compatibility in your relationship consultation.   Using the astrology to empower and strengthen you. She wants to inspire and uplift you.  Kelley’s provides you with insight in your choices to maximize your success. She takes your Solar Return astrology two years out into the future in her astrological consultations.

We will focus Your Astrological Intuitive Consultation on your questions and concerns. Also, the message Spirit has for you at the time of our meeting. We may discuss your career, love, health, spiritual path, finances and your empowerment.

Kelley has availability starting May 12, 2018. Kelley’s schedule fills up fast. You are invited to schedule your consultation today. Blessings and Abundance!


♦ Individual Hour Astrological Consultation 

This service includes a brief analysis of your natal birth astrology. We focus mainly on your transits (Kelley takes them out two years into your future.) And your Solar Return astrology.  You receive your mp3 recording emailed to you upon completion of your consultation.

Please Note: Adding other people to your reading will be considered a couple consultation or a group consultation 


We have a three-step process to place you—our dear client into our astrology system.

Step 1) You purchase your consultation, for instance, $400 = Hour Individual Astrological Consultation.

Step 2) Upon check out of your payment. We will email you the link to Kelley’s schedule. Please choose the best day/time that works for you. 

Step 3) There is a drop-down box on the online scheduler for you to enter your date of birth information, questions and concerns. For instance, the area of focus you want for your consultation. This box expands as you type. It will hold all your important information. We need your birth date information at the time of purchase.  Thank you!


Upon checkout of your purchase, you will receive an email with the link to schedule your appointment. The email will have a document for you to open in the document is the link to the online scheduler.  

If you did not enter the important birth date and background information on the online scheduler. Please Email Kelley your date, time and city of birth and a list of your questions/concerns.  Thank you!

Please make sure to add “” as a preferred sender to your email address contact list. This is the only way we can contact you. If you do not receive email messages from us. Please check your spam folder.

Please include your phone number for your consultation. Or do you want to work over Skype? If we are working on Skype please add Kelley.Rosano in Boston, MASS to your contact list Thank you!


Hi Kelley, I had to write and tell you that you changed my world. I want to sing it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. In some way, I won't begin to describe our meeting opened me to receive so many magical lessons and gifts from the universe. It was meant to be. Everything is different. I'm sure I will speak to you again. Keep rocking. So much love, Gayle


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Astrological Consultation (Individual)

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